established 2009

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JR’s can handle everything from party planning , to set up, cooking, serving and clean up.

Established in 2009, JR’s Smokehouse serves up real American Barbecue. Quality meats rubbed in special seasonings and slow cooked in our wood fired pits over fruitwoods. The way it’s done in Texas, Memphis, and the Carolinas. Cooking with smoke, spice, tradition and passion. Meat so flavourful and tender that it falls off the bone.

Having travelled extensively through the American South’s regional barbecue belts, and training under one of Texas’ best pitmasters, JR’s Smokehouse Barbecue hopes to share the love of barbecue with you.

JR’s mobile catering is perfect for promotional and corporate events, parties, weddings, car shows, store openings, wakes, game day, boozeups, and breakups. We strive to offer your guests a meat experience they will thank you for. We accommodate parties and events from 60-1,200 guests.

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