web_pigabeenweddingHailing from America’s Southwest, Barbecue has been in my blood since my father introduced me to ribs as a child. My dad was taking me out to lunch and I can’t remember the occasion, but it was an experience I will never forget. Jack’s Barbecue was a small family run joint on the south side of town. They slow cooked ribs and all the traditional favourites out of a brick wood-fired pit. Jack served me BBQ pork ribs, a side of beans, sliced white bread, and a bottle of their signature sauce. Dad showed me the proper way to eat ribs – by hand, and emphasized leaving absolutely no meat on the bone. It was real deal Southern Food and I would never forget it. Tender slow cooked meat, smoky flavour and tangy BBQ sauce. It was a rite of passage moment where it became apparent that Barbecue was my favourite food to eat. Any return trips to this restaurant are a very special occasion.

From that day on I had high expectations and developed a good eye for spotting out the genuine BBQ spots. Once you find them, a pattern eventually evolves where you catch yourself planning your work or weekend schedule to drive by just in time for lunch…


Years later…a string of good luck and fate brought me to Australia. The need to eat and share the wood fired Barbecue I grew up on would eventually become a commercial opportunity. More good luck and fate brought me under the wing of American Pit Master and BBQ legend – Jeff Byrd of the Pasadena Pig Parade BBQ Team. And under his guidance, and a lot of hard work from our team, JRs was founded in 2009 and is a family business. We travel annually to the Southern BBQ states and have been fortunate to work in and learn from some of our favourite barbecue restaurants.

Our goal in this business is to never forget why we started – To cook the highest quality Barbecue we can, and to cook the best meat you’ve ever had. We follow the tried n true BBQ traditions and work with the best local butchers and farmers around.

Thanks, Joel and Simone

Awards: 2013 Sample Food Festival Golden Fork Award – $5 Tasting Plate (Brisket)
Voted 2017 Runner up – Best Food Truck – Weekend Edition Gold Coast Eat Drink Awards
Golden Fork Award, Northern Rivers Food, Sample Food Festival